Live, love, and laugh, but always with wine.

Hey girl hey. Thanks for stopping by. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a nutcase. No I am kidding, but life is way too awesome to take it way too seriously. All my life I have taken leaps of faith, while on some of these leaps I have fallen face first, nose gushing blood, but lessons were learned and opportunities were had.  People might say I try something new everyday, but isn’t life all about learning?

I have been criticized, I have been ridiculed, but I can promise you that I have lived.  I am originally from Miami, born and raised. I graduated high school and tried a few colleges, but unfortunately, being a C student, I got discouraged.  I am not too far away from holding my AA, and I did promise myself and my daughter I would finish by the end of next year. After high school I got a job as a legal assistant in Miami and after a few years I moved up the ladder in the legal field and became a paralegal. No no I am not certified or anything, but in my experience, street smart is where it’s at. Besides, all the crap I have learned in the legal field, no school would have taught me.IMG_4170.JPG

In Miami I dated, I loved, I was heartbroken, I was engaged, but sweet baby Jesus knew that Miami was not the place for me to find true love. I am not sure if anyone finds true love in Miami anymore. I moved to the Tampa Bay area in 2009 to be closer to my brother and his family and to get away from everything that was holding me back at home.  It was gut wrenching and I was terrified, but I knew I was meant for more than a mediocre life.

In 2009 about one month after I moved into my apartment in Tampa, I decided on heading out with new coworkers and had a little too much to drink. Enough that it caused me a DUI and a lot of mula to have to dish out. I wont bore you with those details, but I sure as hell learned my lesson.

I felt so stuck during that time. No car, I was depending on my new friends (which I adore) and my family to take me around. Life got hard. I saw dark places during that time. I wished upon myself, things I would never wish on my worst enemy, and then I met my now husband. Oh how everything changed.

Life started to make sense. Life was teaching me a lesson, and I had my notepad and pencil on hand to take notes. It literally was true love the moment I walked into his house and saw him.  We played videos and shot the shit and the rest was history.  He proposed in Disney in front of Cinderella’s castle within 3 months, I moved in, we got married on our one year anniversary (2011) and had an amazing wedding with the people we love most. In February of 2013 we found out we were expecting and that was a complete shock as we struggle with infertility (another blog for another day.)

So here I am today, with an amazing husband, who support all my crazy antics, puts up with my feisty ass, my I need this done right now kind of attitude, and our 2 1/2 year old daughter who looks like him, but is all me. YIKES.

Now you know why my favorite drink is wine 🙂

Thank you for stopping by.

Always, Jasandra




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