From hot mess to organized.

I do not know about you, but my life is hectic.  I wake up every morning Monday through Friday at 4:30am to get my workout in, then come home while it is still quiet and get myself ready before the day starts for everyone. Meanwhile the little one is stopping her feet  whining because she doesn’t want to wear what I laid out, the dogs are barking to be let out, and my husband is making total zombie noises as he makes our coffee.  Off to work we go for a full day and by the time we leave work, I go get the diva, we get home, let the dogs out, make dinner, do baths, read stories, put her to bed, and spend time with the each other (the husband and I) when in the heck do we have any time to clean. I can confidently say that mornings and evenings at the Hopp residence are not pretty.

My house is a hot mess pretty much everyday, but then again too many memories are being made and I would rather make those then clean the house.  I mean let’s be real, I personally hate cleaning so I will find any excuse not to do it.  I can hire cleaning companies to do that, and I have, and although I love having them clean, I have a 900 square foot house and feel incompetent having someone else do my chores for me.

So as an unorganized slob, I went on Pinterest to see what other hot mess moms have come up with in the cleaning department. Viola! There was a template for what you should clean each day. Hells to the yea. This girl needs a list. This girl needs to see something. This girl needs to be tamed. I am a total list girl and my husband can vouch for that. I take a list every single place we go. Literally, every single place I take one and scratch off each thing I have done.

So here is this cool little photo I found and its perfect for me since it lays it all out exactly how I would want it.image1.JPG

I started this week and so far its going great.  Once I pick up Savannah from school, I head home and start cleaning.  The best part is we share it together so she helps me out and sometimes shows me how its done. I tell you this little girl is going to be one strong woman.

So any other hot mess families struggle with cleaning and organizing? What has helped you along the way?

Share your tips in the comments and share this blog, I know a lot of other families would love any advice or tips.

Thanks for stopping.

Always, Jasandra


4 thoughts on “From hot mess to organized.”

  1. Love the theory, but with two tots with me all day every day, tipping out cupboards behind me as I go, cleaning my house has become like trying to clean your teeth while simultaneously eating a kitkat! Nightmare!! 😂


      1. I just thank heaven that they both nap! I’m like a demon with a duster for an hour a day and then Hoover when they’re up. Embrace the madness, I say. All too soon it’ll be over…

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