If it doesn’t kill you…..

Yesterday was a difficult day in the Hopp household. You see, we have a strong willed child, actually we have an extremely strong willed child and if your child is anything like ours then you know it can be difficult. They say preemies grow up to be strong, independent, and successful and I have no doubt in my mind that Savannah will one day rule the world, but I sure as hell hope she doesn’t kill me before I get to see that.

My child, our child is one in a million and I don’t say that because she is our child, I say that because we are lucky.  This girl smiles all day, lives freely, has no problem with schedule change, and adapts to every single situation possible. She is a sweet, kind, and loving child. She hurts when you hurt, and she tells you “mommy, it’s okay” when she sees something wrong with you. We lucked out in the child department.

Now like every single angel, there is also a little devil in her and holy shit balls batman did we get the much more devil than normal. Now you have to understand we  love our kid and just cause we say devil we don’t necessarily mean it in a horrible way, but when that girls is on a tirade step back and pretend you don’t see her.  Yesterday she did not nap at school, now she had a great day, but you know the moment mommy and daddy are around they turn into some little shits.  This little girl cried, whined, and complained all the way home and all the way until bedtime.

Now, my patience isn’t the best, but she has taught me to have a little more patience than I normally can, but yesterday I lost my shit. Cruella de Vil came out of me quicker than you can say Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers and let me tell you when I get angry that ish is not pretty, so run. Now y’all can go ahead and judge me because I am sure some of you pride yourselves on being the “perfect” parent, but I honestly vut that shit out. Every single parent has bad days.  Now at this point, I was the one whining and complaining and screaming bloody murder because all I wanted in life at that very moment was for her to not cry when she went to bed, but as parents that doesn’t happen as much as we like.

Now don’t get me wrong we had a great dinner. I made a wonderful meal of chicken, broccoli, bacon, and corn fettuccine Alfredo (sauce was made out of cauliflower which will be on the blog next week) and she scarfed her food down and was great. I didn’t even have to share my meal with her because she enjoyed hers. So dinner was great, but for some reason bedtime lately has been a huge hassle at home and it can wear you thin sometimes.

Nonetheless, when it was time for bed she cried for a minute and was so exhausted that she fell asleep and that was that. My husband and I were able to finally enjoy two episodes of a new Netflix series and had a pleasant night.

I don’t know about you, but as much as I complain and whine sometimes, parenthood is an unbelievable roller coaster with so many emotions, but I would not trade it in for one second for another life.  We love our kid so much it hurts. I see so much of me in her that I can sympathize so much with her and although our night was not what I would of liked it to be, it isn’t so much about me, but more about her. I am here to love her and guide her and there will be rough days, but there are more love days than anything and this momma needs to calm down.

This morning made up for all the headache yesterday caused.

“Mommy.. Look.. My makeup, like you.”

image1 (1).JPG

Baby, you do not need makeup, you’re beautiful as is.


Always, Jasandra























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