It’s NOT selfish to take care of you. It’s not selfish to have wants and needs.

Now let me go ahead and ask you a question, if you don’t take care of yourself, who is going to take care of you?

Shit, ladies… I know so many of you that gravel to your husband’s feet and don’t get me wrong that is totally okay if that is the kind of marriage you have, but what is not okay is when you do everything for them and your family, yet they don’t do anything for you and act like you’re the slave in the house.

If you continue to allow it, it will continue to happen.

We as women need to take time for us.  We need to dedicate time to ourselves to our girlfriends, to our souls. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hair appointment your nails getting done, some gym time, or taking a bath in peace and quiet with a nice HUGE glass of wine.

We deserve “ME” time.

We need to stand up for what we deserve. We are women. We are strong.


Stay at home moms need more “ME” time than most other moms because they are home all day with their kids. No it’s not a curse its s blessing, but they need some adult interaction. I use to be a stay at home mom and its tough, in my opinion its one of the toughest jobs out there.

I follow a few pages on Facebook about moms and their families and it makes me feel sad for so many women that complain about their significant others. First of all, you should never take social media to talk shit about your other half and second of all complaining about it on Facebook isn’t going to make the situation better.  Yes a good vent is awesome, but not every single day.  As I say this, don’t get me wrong I head to these pages too for support and guidance, but never about my marriage and never to complain about what “I” don’t get.

We as women need to stand up, demand respect, and demand help.  The things I see some women write about their men infuriates me.  Why are you with them? Why waste your time? You deserve so much better than that and before you go ahead and say something , I have a right to my opinion because I too have experienced this, and I too once in a past time was that girl who blasted about my significant other every chance I got, but that did nothing for me, only made it worse.

No no, my marriage is not perfect, good lord its far from perfect, we fight, we scream, we tell each other off, but if we have an issue we sit down and talk about it and try to fix it.  We help each other around the house, he helps with Savannah, he gets his guy time and I get my girl time and we both never complain about it. We appreciate each other and we don’t blast each other on social media.

We as women need to have respect for ourselves and when something is not working for us, try to fix it and if it keeps failing us then its time to make that decision of moving on.  WE deserve so much better.

Stand up for yourself because YOU deserve it.



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