The stares. The words. The forgetfulness.

Nothing bothers me more than perfect parents having perfect kids or grandparent acting like they never raised a child. Yea this shit might hurt some peoples feelings, but guess what? My feelings were hurt.  We live in a society now a days where babies, toddlers, and children need to act like grown ass adults.   Hey guys guess what? they aren’t adults.  They are kids with a mind of their own and no matter how much you Shhh them or how much you try to make them walk a straight line, they will get curvy once in a while.

Yesterday I took Savannah for her 2nd haircut (yikes she is getting so big) and after we met up with a friend and her daughter and had some frozen ice cream at Menchies, now mind you Menchies is a place where it brings kids to life.  Ice cream brings people to life.  So as we sat there and chatted the kids played on their famous chalkboard. They were having the time of their life, they were dropping the chalk picking it back up and cracking up. I mean they were the loudest there, but so behaved, just being kids and enjoying eachothers company.

Well, lets just say I felt like a had the freaking CIA on my back. The stares we got, the words that we heard, were just ridiculous.  I had an older couple look at me and say “I guess there is no other seat.” Really lady, your at an ice cream shop on the day where its 5 bucks and fill your cup, where kids come and you’re expecting silence?  This aint no silent movie and we aren’t in the 60’s. Move along or go eat ice cream elsewhere.

You see usually I am not this direct, well…. Who am I kidding, yes I am, but being a parent is one of the fucken hardest things I have ever had to do and having people make you feel like your child sucks and you’re a horrible parent that cant keep her child calm sucks even more.  There is this stigma now where parents have become more judgemental as time passes, and they act like they cant relate because they have some perfect kids.

Listen buddy, stop acting like you have the perfect kid because we all know you dont and guys stop staring at mommas who are trying to keep it together when their kids start turning into little brats because we are suppose to help eachother out, we are suppose to lift eachother up, we are suppose to feel for other mothers, because no one has perfect kids and we all wish there was someone there to help out when we are having a rough time with our kids.


So next time you see a mother struggling, lend her a hand or tell her she is doing an amazing job.

Always, Jasandra



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