Moving on and not looking back

Moving-on-quotes-10.jpgI can’t believe its been almost a month since I last posted. Yikes guys, so much has changed in the last 24 days and I apologize for the absence in my blog. Where do I start?

I’ll start with talking about my marriage, because I guess you can say it’s the white elephant in the room.  Recently I shared on my personal Facebook page (and I deleted it already for personal reasons) that Kevin and I are in the process of separating.  I know right?  A hard pill to swallow and yes it sucks, but there comes a time in your life when you look in the mirror and say “Hey sexy… You deserve happiness.”

I have gotten so many messages the last few days from people giving me support and from people kinda bashing my decision. Luckily for me, I have thick skin and well I don’t let it bother me and I do know and appreciate that people are worried and are just showing they care, but sometimes all you need is a “hey, I am here for you.”

Moving on, its been a long time coming and both of us knew that. We were starting to become roommates long time ago and well I always said I would never stay with anyone for convenience, because they help pay bills or because of my kid.

You see Divorce is hard, but its even harder when there is animosity and hatred and that is something I didn’t want. You see because I love Kevin, he is my very best friend and I do not ever want that to change, but I was not happy in the marriage and we both felt that and while we both fought hard for our marriage, we both agreed that it was time to move on so we can keep our great friendship.

I know our vows are “though thick and thin” and trust me I didn’t take those vows lightly, but at the same time I vowed to for happiness and well that is no longer true so its come to an end.

I guess you can say I am extremely nervous, excited, and scared for the future. In the past it was no biggie after a break up because you leave and move on, but when kids are involved it changes the whole dynamic of things and well you need to just deal with it and go at it full force right?

So I am no expert in love, obviously, but what I can tell you is that in a relationship both people deserve to be happy, each person should be trying to make the marriage work.  I do not and will never agree that one should stay together for kids.  I think kids will notice and then it will ruin their upbringing because they will think it is okay to stay with someone and put up with people’s shit and that is not what I want to teach our little nugget.

So with that being said.

When you finally decide what you want and that is in every aspect of your life, never look back, because if Cinderella’s would have gone back for her shoe, she would have never became a princess.

So from today on ill be looking forward because life is too short to keep looking back.





1 thought on “Moving on and not looking back”

  1. I adore you and sorry I didn’t click the blog the other day! I love you both and know this decision is NEVER a decision anyone enters into lightly… with a heavy heart I am sad, BUT I fully support and agree with you!

    When people stay in unhappy relationships they tend to stray and do things to hurt each other and their nuggets! Adults and loving parents know when it becomes the better choice & it isn’t one I know y’all decided over a day!

    Endings are always harder then beginnings, wish you 3 peace and comfort during this transition, it won’t always feel like this!

    She will understand and respect your choice one day and won’t be afraid if she is ever in an unhappy relationship one day of any kind! It takes a lot of balls to share your life the way you do and yalls friendship can prevail and you can coparent well I know! Much love, hugs & kisses from Georgia!


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