The struggle is real with Muhammad Ali at home!

GettyImages-479933880-E.jpegApparently I have a boxer at home guys! The past week or so we have picked up the nugget from school with complaints of her hitting a child and having as her little friend at school told me “Savannah had a rough rough day.” cutest little kid ever though, but man its embarrassing.

Hello Ms. Jasandra, today Savannah put her hands on someones throat at school—– Good FUCKEN shit what in the hell is going on here!!!!

Now let me start out by saying we DO NOT hit at home.  I have spanked her, but its been a while. I generally steer clear from that although sometimes I have lost my shit and gone psycho on her. Lets be real, we all have been there so keep your judgement to yourself and I blogged about that day a while back.

I dont know if it is the separation between Kevin and I or if she is learning this from someone at school  I know she has been bitten a few times and I dont know if she is just following what she sees.  Its been pretty rough because for the most part she is an awesome kid and although we are being extremely civil at home and nothing has changed, I mean we still eat dinner as a family, we sit down and read books, I mean legit nothing has changed.

I know they say kids are smart and can feel the tension at home even though everything in the outside seems okay, it is just stressful. You know, like if we do not have enough going on, lets just add something else to the table?!!

So the last week or so we have been very strict with her.  YES I know she is only going to be 3, but you do not know my kid,  She is smart and she knows whats up. So I took off her nail polish since I know its one of her favorite things and we sat down and talked. Told her we do not hit, we give hugs and kisses, we listen to our teaches, and we do not follow what other kids do, all while she kept repeating who she hit and why she hit said person.

Sorry in advance if it was your kid that my child put her hands on.

I can say today we had a Popsicle date because she had a great day.  It made me happy. Kids will be kids and little by little I am learning that even if we do great at home and teach her the best we can they will get side tracked and becomes rebels when they want, but as long as we can continue to steer her in the right directions I can honestly say she will not be trying out for the MMA, but possibly a teacher, or even an attorney.  I mean she is great at trying to convince Kevin and I that Haylee our dog was the one that hit Leia our other dog, because there is no way Savannah would of done that.  Shit she might even become an actress in a great drama series because this girl is golden with DRAMA!

no bad kids capital quote.jpgIn all seriousness, she is a toddler. She is going to hit.  She is going to yell.  She is going to become a rebel at times.  Shit I throw fits all the time, but what I need to keep in the back of my mind, is just that…. She is a toddler and has so much emotion she is still learning how to deal with it and I need to learn how to handle it.

Anyways, I am a mom to an almost 3 year old and every single day she takes me on the best roller-coaster ride I have ever been on.  Some days I feel clueless and some days I feel success.

We must be doing something right because although she is in a hitting phase at the moment she is the most caring, loving, extravagant, responsible, honest, passionate, dramatic, polite, animated, open, considerate, smart, and my top favorite is she has the greatest heart I have ever seen.

My mom since the day she was born has said that my kid is special and that she one day will move mountains.

I sure hope so kid!

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