Hey all, for those of you that don’t know me thank you for stumbling upon my page.

My name is Jasandra and I am single mommy to my gorgeous daughter. I was born and raised in Miami and moved to the Tampa Bay area back in 2009.  I was tired of the same life and I knew I was meant for so much more so I hopped in my car one day, grabbed all my bags, and headed on to my new adventure.

I am a CERTIFIED MINDSET COACH and my passion is to help women live out their full potential while building their confidence and finding their inner feistiness.

My life has not always been easy.  I have been through so many obstacles, but through each struggle there was a lesson to be learned and I became a better person each time.

I have had relationships where I was physically and mentally abused, at one point in my life I was an alcoholic and went to jail for a DUI, I was overweight, I was fired from jobs, I have lost friends, I have been divorced, and I have had family issues and tons of heartbreaks, but through it all I have survived and due to all these struggles I was able to find my passion and I am grateful that every single day I am able to help women know how important they are and how with a little bit of confidence you can build the life you have always wanted.

When you read that, you might think, “FUCK, this girl is a hot mess,” why would I want to work with her, but in reality I am a girl who has survived and has pushed forward and has not given up regardless of all the turbulence in my life.

I would love to connect with you.

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Instagram: @lifewithafeistycuban
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Twitter: @jasandrahopp
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